"I’m depressed,
But darling,
I love wearing bright colors,
and I love things that sparkle,
I laugh at everything,
and I smile more than most,
but darling believe me,
my mind is killing me."

Biggest hair

I have almost finished Choo’s costume! It felt really good to design and see clothes again. I hope to practice more and get better. I struggled with some parts and I think it’s noticeable. It does kind of go with the costume, so it all works out.

CJ is so much better for Mordecai than Margaret

What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

I’ve never really been a fan of romantic comedies. A lot of people find that storage because I’m so girly. My favorite genre is horror! One of my favorite things about fall is curling up on my couch and watching scary movies with Tre. My other favorite thing about Fall is the fashion. I’ve decided to combine my two favorite things about Fall into one post: Outfits based on my favorite scary movies. 

El Orfanato is a film about a woman returning to the orphanage she grew up in. She brings along her husband and adopted son Simon, the family is harassed by a woman named Beninga and Simon’s imaginary friend Tomas. When Simon goes missing, who is to blame?

This movie is in Spanish, so it’s a perfect film to practice being around the language if you’re not familiar with it. I consider this a companion piece to El Laberinto del Fauno and El Espinazo Del Diablo. El Orfanato takes place in a completely different time period, but I still think it has a similar “essence”

I think the true beauty of this movie is that it can be described as a modern day Peter Pan. This is why I chose a dress with a Peter Pan collar. 

El Orfanato
El Orfanato by nikkiebelle featuring steel jewelry

 A struggling and alcoholic writer (Jack) takes a seasonal job as the caretaker of a beautiful but isolated hotel. The last caretaker got a terrible case of cabin fever and murdered his wife and two children. The more the film goes on, the viewer leads that it may have been more than a case of cabin fever that caused Grady to kill his family. 

The title is a reference to a John Lennon song (Instant Karma). Shining is described as the ability to read minds and experience premonitions. The Shining is considered by many to be one of the greatest films of all time and Jack Nicholson’s finest work.  It also was the inspiration for one of my favorite music videos. 

The outfit I chose was based on Grady’s little girls. The dresses are so iconic, that they were put on display.

Untitled #55
Untitled #55 by nikkiebelle featuring a long polka dot dress

Wait Until Dark is a movie about criminals terrorizing a blind woman in search of drugs. I find this movie to be scary because home invasions happen all to often in the real world, and it’s hard to watch a blind woman fumble around trying to save herself from three men. It makes me kind of sad, but the suspense is what keeps me coming back to this movie. The scariest thing about it is the blind woman being played by Audrey Hepburn! What kind of monster would want to do harm to one of the most kind hearted woman to ever exist?
I chose to base this outfit on my favorite scene, the literal jump scare. If you don’t have time to watch the whole movie, you can watch the scene here . I found it interesting that the costume designer chose to put Audrey in such a feminine outfit. I guess they wanted you to know that girls rule!
Untitled #56
Untitled #56 by nikkiebelle featuring By Malene Birger

Other great scary movies are: Cabin In The Woods, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Ring, The Audition, Psycho (1960), Rosemary’s Baby, The Wicker Man, and Alice, Sweet Alice.


The days are long,

the years are short,

but the laundry is forever.

Everyone ditched me this week. Luckily this season of AHS isn’t scary!

AHS: SPACE RACE//Dark Side Of The Moon

The Space Race was a “competition” between the USA and Russia. It took place during the Cold War (1955-1972).

In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon. But, some American believe the moon landing was fake. I believe that the fifth season of American Horror Story will explore why the moon landing was faked, and why we never made any effort to return to the moon.

In 1961 a Russian cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin was the first person launched into space. Officially, the United States congratulated the Russians on their trip into orbit. But off the record, President Kennedy was quite upset and jealous. A win for Russia was a win for communism. Kennedy vowed to get an American man on the moon. Meanwhile in Russia, Gagarin is visibly shaken up and refuses to go into specific when asked about his time in orbit to the press. He simply says “It’s all on the tape.” While reviewing the audio, the Volstok Programme identifies sounds that are not Gagarin and not compatible with the radio signals recorded on the Sputnik 1.  The Volstok Programme interrogates Gagarin about the sound and admits he doesn’t know what they heard, but he can tell them what he saw when he looked at the moon.

In 1961, the Untied States quietly sends up a satellite to acquire more information about the moon to calm the men’s fears of the unknown. The satellite mysteriously vanishes, and returns into orbit weeks later with a message from aliens. The aliens say if the American’s know what’s good for them, they will NOT go on the moon. NASA tells President Kennedy, who agrees to stop the plans to got to the moon. Kennedy tells his mistress about the “creatures on the moon”. The Mistress makes plans to expose the secret (among other things) and sadly, President Kennedy plans to arrange for his mistress to be murdered. Marilyn Monroe is found dead in her home in August 1962 under mysterious circumstances (aliens). President Kennedy is shell shocked that Monroe appears to have been murdered even though he did not carry out the order. 

A few months later, riddled with guilt over his affairs and cover ups about the aliens, Kennedy plans to tell the American people the truth. He decides that he will do it during his November trip to Dallas. President Kennedy is assassinated under mysterious circumstances (alien patsy) and the apparent sniper is assassinated before he can get to trial.

In 1968, NASA begins to prepare Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for their trip to the moon. Neil had previously been in orbit via the Gemini 8. He was nervous to go back into space because the thruster on the Gemini had malfunctioned unexplainably. Neil can be characterized as a very religion and patriotic man. Buzz is more about the publicity that comes with being one of the first men on the moon. Despite their differences, they get along pretty well. 

Instead of potentially putting the men’s lives at stake, President Richard Nixon and NASA arrange for a filmmaker to fake the landing. This goes off without a problem, Neil and Buzz become heroes. Neil feels guilty for lying to the American people (IRL Armstrong was a devout Christian, Eagle Scout, and served in the military).  Buzz enjoys the fame and enjoys being an American hero. 

That’s really all I’ve got so far! I think they could also add the Apollo 13 mission, and blame the problems it had on these aliens. Anyway, if they do not use the Space Race as a foundation for the next AHS season, I want to expand this story into fan fiction. For the record, I do believe in aliens. But, I do believe we landed on the moon. ^-^ I don’t know a lot about space. So some things are probably ~incorrect~. Please don’t drag me!

I love my hair ^_^



Shoutout to all those black kids in predominantly white environments who had to learn how to navigate when they were too “black” for white spaces and too “white” for black spaces.  


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